My entry for GBJam 8. Inspired by the classic Cybernoid by Raffaele Cecco, this miniature action game takes elements of the original into a new direction. 

Explore the depths of an overgrown space station, find upgrades and reach the core of the ship.


MovementArrow keysWASDLeft Stick / DPad
ShootXJX (xbox)
BombsCKA (xbox)

Switch Color Palette - Pause the game with Enter, select with arrow keys 


  • A small metroidvania adventure
  • Collect weapon upgrades to overcome new challenges and explore further
  • 32 hand crafted rooms
  • Original gameboy style soundtrack

NEW IN 1.21
Small fixes and performance improvements. 

NEW IN 1.2
A new update with these improvements:

  • Added options screen
  • Revamped pause menu
  • Added minimap to pause screen
  • Added boss fight

NEW IN 1.1
This post-jam update includes the following improvements:

  • Added gamepad support (might have issues in WebGL)
  • Added some particle effects in the background
  • Redesigned Drone enemies
  • Adjusted HP for shooting enemies
  • Some level tweaks and improvements

Note: If you're using a gamepad with the WebGL version, there's a chance the y axis might be inverted. If this is the case for you, please download a win/linux build instead or use the DPad.

Have fun!

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
Tagschiptune, Commodore 64, cybernoid, Game Boy, GBJam, Metroidvania
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast


GBNoid 1.21 Win 23 MB
GBNoid 1.21 Linux64 25 MB
GBNoid Jam Version Win 22 MB
GBNoid Jam Version Linux64 25 MB

Development log


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After the Skippy's 1st Anniversary/AM2R's 10th Anniversary/Metroid 36th Anniversary blog post, I found all your games and i tested all of them to take a look!

I found this one doesn't work for me in their Linux flavour, it crash with a SEGFAULT when i hit start in the menu (Not the "Press start", the START option menu), I don't know exactly what happens.

28:59, 49/50

This was a nice way to spend half an hour, thanks for making it! :D

Thank you so much for playing!!

Is there an actual GameBoy ROM to be downloaded anywhere?


This is a game made with Unity, imitating the style of the GameBoy. Sorry, no rom available. 

Wow !!! Very impressive level desing !

Thank you!!

I've played the original 8 bit game and loved it, and this one is really cool too!

00:28:52 and 45/50... I've skipped that one room with 5 gems. :P

Thank you for remaking this on the gameboy. So glad this one isn't as hard as the original too! ;)

The original was pretty demanding, but very satisfying when you got used to the controls.

Thanks for playing!


this is pretty cool! 

Just amazing ! Really loved the level design, congrats !


This game is brilliant, i played the original cybernoid a ton when i was growing up and this captures the feel of the original perfectly. Great effort. 

Thanks! I did my best to imitate the style and have recognizable sprites with new gameplay. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

(2 edits)

Wow!! Super impressive little metroidvania game. Dodging bullets and moving around obstacles takes some precision and patience, but it's very rewarding and keeps you coming back for more. Finding secrets was a joy. All around just a really satisfying game to play. Loved the sfx and music, and wonderful pixel art.

This is a gem for sure. Fantastic work :)


Thank you so much!

There was a lot more going to be included in the game, but I decided to prioritize level design. If it's gonna be a small game, better have it full of small secrets to make exploring fun. Thanks again for playing!

24:44 50/50

Good game.